5 Cartoons That Taught Each Boy How to Be a Man

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It’s very difficult to find a person these days who didn’t enjoy watching cartoons as children. Cartoons are everywhere! From the Bugs Bunny of the 1940s and 50s to the Disney films we have grown to love, there was always a character we really admired and wanted to be. But which cartoons taught us valuable lessons? Were there any characters that taught little boys how to be a man? In this article, we’ll discuss some cartoons that featured a manly character, and whether or not it was a good idea to take away life lessons from them!

One of my favorite cartoons growing up in the 90s was Johnny Bravo. Johnny was a muscular man with big blonde hair, a crisp black tee-shirt, and sunglasses whose life goal was to be cool and get pretty women to date him (usually unsuccessfully). I will always remember the hours of laughter watching Johnny’s adventures. But what if a little boy took away life lessons from Johnny Bravo?

How to be a man according to Johnny Bravo: it’s okay to live at home with mom, as long as you’re cool! Rock your pompadour hairstyle, wear those shades, and remember, any girl will date you as long as you have slick dance moves!

johnny bravo

My mom’s favorite Disney movie when I was growing up was Beauty and the Beast. So naturally, I watched it quite a bit growing up. You see Belle, the leading lady of the cartoon, growing to love the beast, the cursed form of Prince Adam. It’s meant to be a lovely tale of seeing the person within past exterior appearances, but is it really so innocent?

How to be a man according to The Beast: Not the most attractive man in the world? If the lady doesn’t pick you right away, kidnap her and keep her hostage! Stockholm syndrome will do the rest. Or maybe just try some d aspartic acid to turn into the beast yourself.

the beast

Pepe Le Pew was a lovable character from Looney Tunes, introduced in 1945. Pepe is a striped skunk from France, who would love nothing more than to find a lovely lady. However, he doesn’t smell too good, and doesn’t seem to like the word no!

How to be a man according to Pepe Le Pew: To win a fair lady’s heart, being consistent is key! If she says no then try, try, and try again! She’ll see your charms! And oh, bathing is optional.

So are there any male characters that teach any good lessons to our young boys? Consider Dexter, from Dexter’s Lab. Dexter made being smart cool, and I don’t know about you, but growing up I wanted my own secret lab after watching this cartoon!

How to be a man according to Dexter: Being smart and getting good grades is cool. And don’t let your sister in your secret laboratory!

The last cartoon character we’ll consider is Tarzan, from the Disney film of the same name. I thought Tarzan taught a nice lesson to kids. Tarzan finds himself caught between wanting to be true to his family, and impressing the woman he loves, all while being super great at parkour. He probably got some athletic lessons from this website and had super high testosterone levels based on his strength and athletic ability.

How to be a man according to Tarzan: It’s okay to be strong, and muscular, and “manly.” But what’s most important is being there for loved ones, and showing them how much you care.


When it really comes down to it, cartoons are designed to entertain, and give children something colorful and fun to look at. But our kids are definitely learning something from what they watch. What lessons do we want them to take away? Choose cartoons that are fun, entertaining, and employ a positive message.

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