Meal Replacements – Convenience or Compromise?

Meal replacements (Cleveland Leader – Meal Replacement Shakes) still represent a controversial solution for nutrition. Some people claim they come with benefits while others claim they see no results. So is it really a good idea to consume meal replacements in the first place? Are they truly convenient or are they a compromise made for the modern way of life?

To truly understand these questions, we need to go back in time. Since the 90’s, our food portions have increased considerably but they have also changes in healthiness. Many stores now offer different processed foods and there are many health stores which offer no fresh foods. In this confusing environment, it is thus recommended to look at the options you have when it comes to better health, as this is where the answer to these questions lies.

With increasing portions and processed foods consumption, people have started gaining weight in the developed world. Reducing portions in order to lose weight is very difficult, especially after years of following particular eating habits. This is why it is important to look at the options which allow you to stay healthy and control your weight.

The first step is in the kitchen. The foods you consume need to be healthier and cooked at home as this is how you have total control over the ingredients which go into it. At the same time, it is also important to note that you can see improved results with your health in time, so patience is of essence.

A healthy lifestyle also means that you need to be more active, especially if you plan to lose weight. This is why it is important to allow yourself to follow the right activity plan which can involve playing a sport or simply taking longer walks.

At this point, you might feel you may need an extra boost when it comes to recovery and the quality of the foods you consume. Meal replacements can be a good solution but only in a small percentage. For most people, this percentage is not worth it. But for those who are already at a high level of fitness, even a small improvement is harder to achieve. Thus, you can use the specific calories from a meal replacement shake to recover better after physical training. You can also use the shakes to lose or gain weight. But the speed in which this is done is not essential as many marketers would have you believe. What matters the most is the sustainability of the results.